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Pure Passion



Taye is a dedicated advocate who understands the unique challenges faced by the homeless population of Kansas City. She is an experienced legal professional who is skilled in project management and research. As an adoptee herself, Taye possesses the perspective and passion for taking on an active role in establishing stability in the lives of those in the foster care system. Taye has a tenacity for helping people reach their goals and live up to their potential, while understanding first hand the challenges that our clients face everyday. She is a fierce advocate for equality and recognizes the need for an individual approach to each circumstance. Taye's demonstrated aptitude for problem solving combined with her relentless drive to help people beat the odds helps her to find innovative approaches to even the most difficult of challenges.




Dakota Allen holds a lifelong passion for serving others, having worked in the fields of education, child welfare, and public advocacy. He hails from the small town of Fairfax, Missouri, but Kansas City has quickly become his new home. Fostered Bridges began as a small idea, stemming from his roommate's "Skoolie" designs. He is often left speechless seeing what it has become, but can not wait to see it continue to grow. Dakota is passionate about providing new and innovative solutions to the homelessness crisis, focusing on the individual human experience.

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