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Fund One Day of VISTA Services

Fund one day of service from an Americorps VISTA

  • 12 hours
  • 20 US dollars
  • No meeting

Service Description

With just 20 dollars for each business day, we can cover the cost to add an Americorps VISTA to our ranks, who would be incredibly valuable in establishing our future success. Americorps VISTA is a national program, only part of the cost is covered by the sponsoring organization. You can help us by funding one day of service, or even multiple! You may have to scroll to the next month to view dates available for donors to fund. Americorps VISTA's provide guidance and services relating to capacity building and sustainability measures. Americorps was originally implemented by the government to assist programs who are serving those in poverty in doing their work on a larger scale and with more efficiency. We hope that our VISTA will be able to help us develop roots within the community and in pursuing funding opportunities locally, within the state, and federally. Pretty awesome stuff right? Thanks again for your support! Excess funds will be allocated to our general business fund for use towards providing our revolutionary services.

Contact Details

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